All about the wallet

June 26, 2012 Shopify

Envelope System Wallet

This is the front of the wallet. It is not much bigger than a normal bi-fold woman's wallet.  It stays closed with a strong velcro.  It is perfect for many needs like money envelopes or even organizing your coupons!

This is the wallet open to the front side.  There is a clear pocket for your driver's license and 3 credit card pockets that will each hold around 3 cards each.  Also, on each side there is a long pocket underneath all of those that is perfect for receipts of store cards.  Each envelope has a clear vinyl pocket on the front for your envelope label. I use cute scrapbook paper and just write what it is that way it is very changeable.  

The back of the wallet has one big pocket that is perfect for your checkbook.  Each picture of the wallets showcases the three fabric deigns we have come up with.